Shopping in Northern Cyprus  

In this article, we will tell you what and where you can buy in North Cyprus, from everyday and necessary items to clothes and gifts in general?

Street shops in North Cyprus are one of the most popular shopping styles among the island's residents, offering everything from mobile phones to jewelry, and depending on the exchange rate, you can pick up items at good prices. In this type of shopping, you will even notice that there are many prestigious brands of jewelry, including Bulgari and Swarovski, you can buy perfume, sunglasses, watches, clothes, handbags and many other items on these street at a fraction of the price you pay in Europe. Again, many items are duplicates, but we like to refer to them as "high copies". Also, considering that Turkey is one of the biggest producers of textiles in the world, there are many real brands to buy.

Gift shops in North Cyprus display an array of traditional and handmade items, so if you're gift hunting, you'll have plenty to choose from. Popular gift items include glass ornaments, colorful hand-woven mats and baskets, and beautiful hand-painted plates, often with signatures. You can also find gift shops in well-known historical places in Northern Cyprus
also find In Northern Cyprus, there are small and large sweet shops that sell a wide range of flavors from carrot to traditional rose, as well as many other sweet treats to tempt you!
Bargaining is also done in the local markets, and the weekly open markets in Kyrenia, Lefkosha and Gozliurt. These are good places where you can get cheap clothes, shoes and gift items. Markets are great places that you can just go to because they are really local markets where they buy and sell fruit and vegetables and household items, and you can sit and drink coffee and watch the traders. Also, the open air market in Lefkosha is at your disposal, which was originally built in 1932 and was called "Bandabulia". It is known. Here you have a wide selection of items from clothing to sweets, fish, meat and vegetables as well as old copperware stalls. You can choose a traditional dance costume while you enjoy some lokma and browse the gift items available!

The shopping area surrounding the bazaar is called Arasta (a name given to traditional Turkish bazaars that contain traces of Ottoman trade and social life), a long road that leads to the Lukmaçi border crossing, where you can find copies of Buy more real. Like Levi's and Prada. Also, this bazaar is a paradise for textile lovers where you can choose wonderful fabrics and find a tailor to prepare it for you.

Girne also has its own renovated market called the "Old Market" or "Bandabolia" which opened in the last few years - here you can visit the stalls selling local handicrafts and have a snack or lunch. Food shopping in North Cyprus can be fun, as you may need to complete your shopping list Visit more than one supermarket! In general, large stores in Cyprus include Lemar, Tempo, Starling and Astro, which include the largest chain stores. As they all sell similar products at similar prices, there isn't much to differentiate other than personal preference, although sometimes one supermarket runs out of an item you need, while another supermarket still has plenty in stock. ! There are millions of mini markets selling almost anything you could possibly need - from toilet paper to cigarettes, from fresh fruit and vegetables to beer - and these shops are often open all day and until midnight seven days a week. In North Cyprus, apart from bottles of wine and non-local alcoholic beverages, other items including brand cosmetics and... all the things you don't really need are expensive! While local products and items sourced from Turkey are often incredibly cheap.

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